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    • You Need to Repent: What Repentance Is and its Implications for Life and Ministry 

      Loescher, Martin (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, 2021-02-19)
      This thesis began primarily as a doctrinal endeavor to deepen my knowledge of biblical repentance, but at a certain point, my focus began shifting towards how all the information I was learning might be applied. I became ...
    • "You Will Be Like God:" Satan's Lie from the Garden to Utah 

      Heyn, Jacob (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, 2022-02-18)
      Satan’s lies have corrupted mankind since the fall into sin. In recent years, his corruption has begun influencing people to use the Bible as the basis of their Scripture, but downplay its reliability. One such corruption ...
    • Youth Ministry: The Struggles and Blessings of a Curriculum 

      Schauland, Karl (2012)
      Youth ministry is full of difficult challenges for a youth leader in today’s day and age. This paper discusses some of those challenges and how they need to be addressed in a youth group setting. There is also a review ...