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    • The Bible in Current Catholic Theology 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1968)
      For the better part of 500 years the Catholic Church has believed there are two sources of doctrine. One is scripture, but the other is church tradition. Just because Scripture is inspired, does not mean that it is inerrant. ...
    • The Biblical Account of Creation and Modern Theology 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1962)
      Forcing Scripture into the confines of science is not a new phenomenon. This is particularly true concerning creation. Certain modern theologians deny the truth of Genesis 1 and 2. Men such as Gerhard von Rad go so far as ...
    • Christians, Guard Your Liberty! A Sermon Study on Galatians 5:1-6 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (0000)
      Galatians can rightly be called the charter of Christian liberty. This epistle demonstrates that as Christians we have liberty in Christ. In view of the book’s theme, the connection between Galatians and Article X of the ...
    • Create In Me a Clean Heart, O God! A Sermon Study on Psalm 51:10-12 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (0000)
      There is a beautiful connection between Psalm 51 and Article II of the Formula of Concord. Article II rejects Melanchthon’s doctrine on synergism that man is free to accept or reject God’s grace. However, in Psalm 51, King ...
    • Current Issues in Christology 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1993)
      Many Christological heresies find their roots in the ancient church, whether it is the teachings of the Ebionites from the first century or the Dynamic Monarchians from the third century. Though these false teachings may ...
    • The Doctrine of Church and Ministry in the Life of the Church Today 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1991)
      Like many doctrines of Scripture the doctrine of church and ministry has been the subject of much controversy. The church is the gathering of believers. Christ is the one who builds up the church, but he has not given the ...
    • The Doctrine of Fellowship and the Cost of Discipleship 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (0000)
      It can be difficult to not participate in ecumenical activities, especially when such abstinence is called loveless or narrow-minded. However we must maintain our stance on fellowship, because we have been commanded to ...
    • The Doctrine of the Ministry of the Keys 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1978)
    • Fruit of the Vine 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R.; Schuetze, Armin W.; Valleskey, David J. (1986)
      Perhaps one of the more difficult exegetical questions surrounding Lord’s Supper revolves around the expression “fruit of the vine.” While this expression certainly meant fermented grape wine when celebrated with the ...
    • Guarding Against Moralizing in our Sunday School Teaching 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1970)
      Many have sat in a Sunday school classroom where the teacher finished teaching the story of the Good Samaritan and emphasized the moral application. We learn through the Good Samaritan that we too should be helpful and ...
    • Habakkuk 2:1-4 -- An Exegetical-Homiletical Study in Preparation for the 500th Anniversary of Luther's Birth 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1983)
      Though little is known about Habakkuk beyond what he tells us about himself, the question he poses in Habakkuk is known to many: “Why does God permit evil?” The highlight of the book, however, is found in 2:4, where we are ...
    • History and Work of the Commission on Inter-Church Relations - Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (0000)
      How do we, as a church body, maintain the bond of fellowship with other churches? How do we extend the bond of fellowship to other church bodies? How do we formulate doctrinal statements in reaction to other church bodies? ...
    • Homiletics at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1986)
      Our seminary trains men to preach and teach the pure word of God. One of the most visible ways a pastor does this is when he preaches to his congregation. Most importantly, the men of the seminary are taught how to properly ...
    • How the Canonicity of the Bible was Established 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1973)
      In our Bible there are 66 books which are the Word of God. But how can we be so sure? Is it because the church compiled the books? The canon was established through Scripture itself because it has shown itself to be inherent ...
    • Introduction to the Psalms 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1981)
      In this thorough introduction to the Psalms, Gawrisch discusses the authenticity of the Psalms and their dating. He gives an overview of what to look for in Hebrew poetry, but also the musical notation of the psalmody. He ...
    • Jonah's Nineveh 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1992)
      Though short, this article is not short on information. Gawrisch bases this article on an article from Concordia Journal, January 1992. Here Gawrisch discusses the importance of Nineveh, and the king who ruled from it.
    • "Levels of Fellowship" - Scriptural Principles or Rules of Men? 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (0000)
      Ecumenism can be tempting, especially when the people in the world around us are trying to find common ground even at the lowest common denominator. Church bodies have fallen victim to the lure of false ecumenism by altering ...
    • The Lord's Word Concerning the Last Things 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1974)
      Most people probably do not get out of bed in the morning thinking to themselves, “Today could be the last day of the world.” Gawrisch, however, seeks to heighten our anticipation for the coming of our Lord. Though we are ...
    • Luther and Psalm 8 

      Gawrisch, Wilbert R. (1983)
      This essay first appeared in Luther Lives: Essays in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth, Edward C. Friedrich, editor. Milwaukee, WI: Northwestern Publishing House, 1983.