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    • An Exegesis of Revelation 3:7-13 

      Eckert, Paul G. (1995)
      St. John’s Revelation is a very vivid description of his visions. The second and third chapters are letters which John was told to write to seven churches in Asia Minor. This essay covers the letter to the church in ...
    • The Leadership Role of the Pastor in the Congregation 

      Eckert, Paul G. (1982)
      Christ is the head of the church, so what then is the pastor? This article makes the distinction that there is only one leader of the church, but pastors are leaders IN the church. All believers are members of God’s flock, ...
    • The Lord’s Supper, with Specific Emphasis on the Visible Elements Used 

      Eckert, Paul G. (1991)
      There have always been some questions about the visible, earthly elements in the Lord’s Supper. Can one use either wine or grape juice? This question is covered in great detail in the light of Scripture together with ...