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    • Crooked Sticks at Augsburg A.D. 1530 

      Eckert, Otto J. (0000)
      Don’t let the title fool you. This essay is very informative about the Lutheran position at the Diet of Augsburg. The crooked sticks are those in error. Many from every side wanted the Lutherans to make some concessions. ...
    • Luther and the Reformation 

      Eckert, Otto J. (1955)
    • Quartalshrift Vol 52 

      Eckert, Otto J.; Jungkuntz, Richard; Ylvisaker, S. C.; Meyer, John P.; Reim, Edmund; Pieper, August; Peters, Paul; Hoenecke, Gerald; Voss, Arthur P.; Lawrenz, Carl; Schaadt, John (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Faculty, 1955)
    • Quartalshrift Vol 53 

      Schaadt, John; Lawrenz, Carl; Eckert, Otto J.; Lillegard, George O.; Meyer, John P.; Hoenecke, Gerald (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Faculty, 1956)
    • Quartalshrift Vol 54 

      Reim, Edmund; Meyer, John P.; Schaadt, John; Lawrenz, Carl; Lillegard, George O.; Eckert, Otto J.; Reim, Norbert; Mittelstaedt, Theodore; Ylvisaker, S. C.; Hoenecke, Gerald; Pieper, Francis; Schaller, Egbert; Nitz, Henry C.; Franzmann, Werner; Stern, Theodore; Vogel, Heinrich (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Faculty, 1957)
    • Quartalshrift vol 55 

      Schaadt, John; Lawrenz, John; Schink, William F.; Eckert, Otto J.; Peters, Paul; Meyer, John P.; Wegner, Walter; Cares, Herman; Dhalenne, A.; Vogel, Heinrich J.; Nitz, Henry C.; Preus, Robert (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Faculty, 1958)
    • The Relation of Time to Eternity in God's Dealing with Man as Concerning the Doctrine of Election 

      Eckert, Otto J. (1954)
      The human mind cannot understand what God does or who he is. God has all power. He knows everything. Possibly most mind-boggling of all is God’s eternal nature. The doctrine of predestination fits into eternity because ...