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    • Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion 

      Albrecht, Martin (1971)
      When is the best time to begin confirmation instruction with the youth, or what are some factors that affect the timing of first communion? These questions and more are answered by Albrecht. He arrives at his position by ...
    • The Effects of Luther's Catechisms on the Church of the 16th Century 

      Albrecht, Martin (1979)
      There was a great need for the German people to know the Bible and their Savior. Luther saw the need and had a fix. Not only did he translate the Bible into German and write his own worship order so that the people could ...
    • God's Blessings upon His Church through Luther's Catechisms 

      Albrecht, Martin (1979)
      Teaching the things written in God’s Word is a key aspect of what God wants his people to do. But when did the catechism really become prevalent in aiding the church in this critical process? The early church fathers had ...
    • Methods and Content in Religious Instruction for Pastors and Methods for Presenting the Catechism 

      Albrecht, Martin (1976)
      The technologies have improved. The resources have multiplied. Yet, there remains a challenge: teaching the next generation. Although this essay was written a while ago, the author details the task the seminary undertakes ...
    • An Overview of Lutheran Worship 

      Albrecht, Martin (1982)
      This is a good resource to find some facts about the Missouri Synod’s hymnal, Lutheran Worship. Albrecht details every aspect of the hymnal and compares it to the old WELS hymnal, The Lutheran Hymnal.